Book Expo America 2010

Last Wednesday and Thursday I attended Book Expo America at the space-ship-cum-convention-place: The Jacob K. Javits Center, Manhattan NY. The festival is a sort of World Fair of publishing. From small presses to major publishers, everyone and seemingly everything was there to show fall titles, or gadgets and who knows what else.

The entrance to The Javits Center looks down W. 35th. If you squint you can see the New Yorker building.

In reviewing my photos I've realized that most of them are of the more, shall I say, perplexing elements of publishing. What you can't see here were my conversations with brilliant publishers, authors and like minded booksellers, which I assure you did happen.

I had a great rundown of the new Fantagraphics titles.

Adam Krefman: our guy at McSweeney's is incredibly friendly.

I made a friend at the Distributed Art Publishers table. Author and National Book Critic Circle reviewer, Lynne Lawner. She was asking me about art books!

I was excited to stop by the N.Y.R.B booth, as we have a ton of their kids books en-route to the store as we speak.

The atmosphere at the print side of BEA was bustling. Friendly intelligent people willing to talk shop and share interests. I took a walk over to the Digital Book Zone, where things took a strange turn. Everything was gray and black. Single computers took the place of hundreds of new books. Wires and black ties, I was scared.

I found solace at this booth. A gentlemen was demonstrating a pen that when pressed to a specific location in the book or magazine could read aloud the text!

This application for the Ipad can read children's books to your child. You can even record your own voice reading the story for your kids to replay in solitude.

Nic Boshart makes up half of Invisible Press who published Jeff Millers Ghost Pine (one of our best-sellers in May). I'm not exactly sure what is job title is but he told me he was here on behalf of a company that teaches publishers about E-Books. He assured me everything was going to be okay.

I headed back to the print side of things. At the Abrams booth while perusing their wonderful line of comics I noticed this celebrity. I snapped his picture first, then took the time to cognize: Nigel Barker.

Take note of how few people there are in this area. Even the booth has been deserted.

After reaping what I could from the convention, I hit the street and checked out a few more permanent print related locations. The Aptly named Printed Matter, Inc. is incredible.

And across the street is the wonderfully curated 192 BOOKS who regularly have author events in their tiny space. It reminded me of home.

Not pictured here but visited also were: Housing Works, McNally Jackson, St. Marks Bookshop, Bluestockings, The New Museum's bookstore and, of course, The Strand.

Apologies to those bookshops not in Manhattan. I didn't leave the island.

Long live print!

Ripe From Around Here: now available in book and event form!

Ripe From Around Here is a bible for local, sustainable, and in-season cooking. Jae Steele offers up the wisdom of her holistic nutrition background and jazzes recipes up with the keen eye of a food-lover. All the recipes are vegan, but she provides great advice on going more local/sustainable/organic for a variety of different diets, whether you're a meat-eater or gluten-free.

Delicious blueberry peach pancakes

With 180 recipes, Ripe From Around Here has menus for every season, and tons of information about when to eat what. Jae includes practical information about less popular veggies, and there's even a chart detailing when different fruits and vegetables are in season or available. Since she's from Montreal and currently based out of Toronto, she has tons of good information for our local needs.

And before I forget, Jae is going to be coming by the Librairie this Wednesday, June 2nd! She'll be doing a "non-boring presentation" on making sustainable food choices, and best of all, she's going to be showcasing some of the recipes from the book! The launch starts at 7 pm and promises to be a riproaring fun time.


I think this may have been my favorite event at the D+Q store so far! Free Hot Dogs! PBR (how prescient!)! $2 portraits! That's right--Keith Jones and Seth Scriver each did $2 portraits for the asking. Keith drew in pen and Seth cranked up the airbrush.

The boys at work.

If you serve Pabst Blue Ribbon then things are going to get all "River's Edge." {L to R: JSL series editor Rebecca, Naomi, and new awesome intern Tracy.}

The Oliveros boys do a sitting.

Tracy with portrait.

Airbrushed Gigi.

Dad and Gigi and Woody. Gigi had the idea that we all wear glasses.

L' oat doe-guh.

Kids Day 2 (better late than never)

Kid's Day 2 was another smashing success--stories were read, juice was consumed, cookies eaten, more juice, dancing, and lots of drawing. Stay tuned for the next one maybe later in June or possibly July. Are you a parent who would like to read a story? Let us know!

Maira Kalman

While illustrator Maira Kalman's book And the Pursuit of Happiness is not expected to come out until later this year, we have a new book on Kalman at D+Q right now that catalogues her wonderfully exuberant career. Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a crazy world) functions as an accompaniment to the Kalman exhibit showcased at the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pensylvannia, featuring paintings, drawings, embroideries, and other works by Kalman, as well as essays by her colleagues.

This is my absolute favourite illustration presented in the book. Everything about it makes me swoon and sigh with delight.

A view of Kalman's installation for the exhibition, featuring many of the objects that Kalman joyfully collects.

Check out the book! It's such a pleasure to be able to peak into Kalman's unique world of colour, quirk and humour.

Catland Empire and Stooge Pile launch! TONIGHT!

Tonight at 7pm: Double launch at the D+Q headquarters, introducing Catland Empire w/ Keith Jones and Stooge Pile w/ Seth Scriver.

Catland Empire tells the story of a universe in peril, with fancy cats as the only few who will be able to save it. Hotdogs and catnip are the weapons of choice.

Stooge Pile is a colourful, imaginative Petit Livre that showcases a plethora of absurd and surreal portraits. It is sure to make you squirm with delight.

Come join us!! 2$ portrait sessions will be held for all the awesome and excellent people that show up.


The Ride of Your Life

Remember that killer Wiretap event we held at Drawn and Quarterly a couple weeks ago?

Well, the newest Wiretap episode has been released and our live show is apart of it! The end of the episode The Ride of Your Life features a bit that Jonathan Goldstein and Howard Chackowicz performed on the D+Q stage, which is happily accompanied by the lovely Mile End audience laughter in the background.

Check out the episode on the Wiretap website!
Thanks to the CBC and to everyone who helped out with the wonderful event.

Stieg Larsson Alert!

Attention all you Millennium Trilogy fans!

We now carry the full series of Stieg Larsson's posthumous works. That's right, as well as The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played with Fire, we have on offer a very shiny hardcover edition of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

Do not hesitate! These books just fly off the shelf!

Kenk Launch Tonight!

Tonight at 7pm: Montreal launch for KENK: A Graphic Portrait!

You saw the headlines: Toronto man who stole practically every Toronto bicycle (Hyperbole, I know). His story has been turned into a graphic novel by new-comers-to-the-comic-scene, Pop Sandbox productions. The production team will be in town to present the book and its unusual cross-media production.

Cornélius Party

En attendant la sortie imminente chez Cornélius de la version française du Rayon de la mort de Daniel Clowes (le dernier opus d'Eightball, paru originalement en 2004 chez Fantagraphics, mais épuisé à ce jour), je vous invite à admirer notre sélection de l'inspirant catalogue de l'éditeur:

C'est inévitable: à chaque fois que je passe devant ce coin de table, je pousse un grognement de plaisir devant autant de chefs d'oeuvres. De Marc Bell à Yoshihiro Tatsumi ou Seiichi Hayashi (les trois publiés en anglais par Drawn & Quarterly), en passant par d'autres auteurs aperçus dans le génialisimme Garo (Shigeru Mizuki! Shin'ichi Abe!) et le légendaire Robert Crumb, Cornélius a de quoi impressionner...

Le travail d'adaptation est impeccable et l'impression toujours soignée et sans reproche - bref, je ne peux que vous encourager à lire cet échantillon du meilleur de la BD d'avant-garde.

Hot Dogs for All!*

This Friday we will be celebrating the release of the doodles at the Librairie. Starting at 7 pm, it'll be a double book launch: Keith Jones will be here for Catland Empire, and Seth Scriver for his Petit Livre, Stooge Pile. I've heard rumours that there will be 2$ portraits on offer.

Book launch and portrait-drawing session:
7 pm - 10 pm
Friday May 28, 2010
211 Bernard O.
Facebook Event

Catland Empire is the title of Keith Jones's new D+Q title. It's a full colour three-piece-suited cat work of joy. Check out Jessica's post about it on the blog.

Stooge Pile is a tiny art book with portraits of flannel-hatted men and women, and plungers with bucktoothed smiles.

It promises to be a wonderful time!

* Hot dogs not guaranteed without the purchase of a copy of Catland Empire.

1980s and 90s street style

My co-worker Julien ordered On the Street in recently, and I am absolutely in love with it. Before The Sartorialist and all the other street stylin' bloggers out there, Amy Arbus was in New York City capturing all the wardrobe madness that was going down. Arbus (daughter of famed-photographer, Diane Arbus) photographs well-known and anonymous faces alike, all exhibiting a sense of attitude and individuality in their dress. You may recognize Madonna on the cover of the book...

...and you may also recognize the absolute killerness of these two men.

I'm convinced that this gentleman on the left is Richard Gere. Regardless...he seems likes the suavest, smoothest man in town.

These shoes make me love shoes like I've never loved shoes before. I can't seem to get them out of my head. Why do they not exist anymore!

Kidz Day pt. 2!

You and your loved ones are cordially invited to:

Kids Day pt. 2, Sunday May 23rd 11am
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, 211 Bernard Ouest.

There will be reading, juice, cookies and i've heard rumors of Yo Gabba Gabba dance videos. Just saying, you should probably come.

facebook RSVP here

Ilustrado launch

Last night we had the pleasure of launching Miguel Syjuco's debut novel Ilustrado. Big thank you to everyone who came out and helped celebrate.

For those of you who missed it here is a quick recap:

Australian Pies were served courtesy of TA. Local beer was enjoyed.

Miguel read from the book and interspersed stories; some of which were hilarious, others informative.

Peggy was caught in the doorway with the camera.

Books were signed - amongst other things...

During a Q&A Miguel was asked which Canadian authors he enjoyed, he listed Adam Gollner, Rawi Hage, Colin McAdam and Suzanne Hancock - All of whom happened to be in the audience. Hooray community!

Miguel, Marina, and The Chief.

Congratulations to Miguel and I implore you to come pick up and read the book if you have not so already.

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