Francis Blaireau Farceur

Francis Blaireau Farceur est là pour rester à la Librairie Drawn & Quarterly:

1) parce qu'une librairie, ça n'a jamais trop de livres Cornélius. En passant, j'ai dévoré le superbe La Promesse de Shohei Kusunoki dont je parlais plus tôt, un des gekiga-ka qui me fascinent le plus, surtout avec ses planches hyper-dynamiques et expérimentales, du Yokoyama avant l'heure.

2) parce que j'ai vu la meilleure critique vidéo de BD de l'univers. Je l'embed ci-dessous, j'ai tellement ri que je la partage avec tous mes amis, tout le temps, et j'exagère à peine. La vidéo retranscrit à merveille l'attrait de cette BD drôle à en mourir, et je préviens, on prépare des mouchoirs parce que le rire de Pénélope Bagieu est contagieux:

Neil Young's Greendale

Gosh, who would have ever thought Neil Young would come out with a graphic novel?

Well, thanks to Vertigo, we have Neil Young's Greendale, a graphic novel based off of his 2003 album Greendale. The album has been described as a musical novel of sorts, speaking "to the power of environmental, social and personal responsibility that each and every one of us living on this planet shares," according to Vertigo.

Written by Joshua Dysart and illustrated by Cliff Chiang, the story centers on a young woman, Sun Green, and on the fictional Californian seaside town of Greendale. Sun Green has a strange supernatural relationship with nature, one that almost always turns tragic. The story is relevant to today's environmental crises (the oil spill comes to mind), but stands on its own as a widely vivid and poignant tale.

Could you expect anything less from Mr. Young?

GET LOW Movie Passes, Tuesday August 3rd at the AMC

As of 6 PM tonight at the LIbrairie, we will be giving away a limited supply of (admit two) movie passes to see GET LOW starring Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Bill Murray for next Tuesday, August 3rd at 7 PM at the AMC Forum.

Bathroom Chalk Graffiti

I would just like to draw attention to the graffiti that we discovered in our bathroom this week. It actually says: "I heart Sheila Heti" how bad-ass is that? And as far as I can tell this was not done by a staff member, though, we too love Sheila Heti.

In fact we love her so much that we are launching her new book HOW SHOULD A PERSON BE? on Sept. 23rd 7pm RSVP here on facebook.

And speaking of Bad-Assed-ness, familiarize yourself with the new book here with this excerpt.

Indoor Voice and Eden now available!

Two more new D+Q releases have made their way to the store!

Jillian Tamaki's Indoor Voice and Pablo Holmberg's Eden are here, and they are precious little books.

To put it briefly, Indoor Voice collects personal short comics and striking illustration works by acclaimed illustrator Jillian Tamaki, while Eden features Holmberg's innovative, atmospheric and whimsical 4-panel comic strips. Click here and here for previews of these two singular and engrossing new releases.

Summer Reads Part 1

So I don't know about the rest of you, but in this hot weather, all I want to do is sit in front of the fan, drink iced tea, and read short stories. My brain takes a little vacation from full-length narratives, goes in for vignettes and poetry and essays.

With that in mind, here are two collections I've picked up this summer (inadvertently both about California):

The Madonnas of Echo Park by Brando Skyhorse
The Madonnas of Echo Park functions simultaneously as a series of interrelated short stories and as a novel. Brando Skyhorse is dissecting, analyzing, and rebuilding a largely Latino neighbourhood of Los Angeles called Echo Park. The stories in the book follow different members of the community as they struggle to deal with both personal and shared tragedies.

The reviews reference Sherman Alexie and Junot Diaz as influences, and there are good reasons for that. These are funny, sad, and powerfully moving stories, told so intimately that it is tough to distance yourself from the narrator's perspective when shifting to a new story. From the back flap: "Brando Skyhorse in his debut novel gives voice to one neighbourhood in Los Angeles with an astonishing - and unforgettable - lyrical power."

Slouching Towards Bethlehem by Joan Didion

I know, I know, this is not exactly a "new" collection of essays, but Slouching Towards Bethlehem makes such good summer reading. Joan Didion's writing preserves perfect moments of blue-skied highwayed 1960s California.

How can you resist lines like: "a haunted millionaire [coming] out of the West, trailing a legend of desperation and power and white sneakers" or "this is a story about love and death in the golden land"? You can't. There is no way. Her words draw you in, immersing you in sunny afternoons, in "fashionable madmen", in tawdry affairs and earnest communes.

Olaf Hajek

Olaf Hajek is a German artist whose work plunges the viewer into a dreamlike world of the fanciful and surreal. His new book of collected illustrations, Flowerhead: Olaf Hajek, is absolutely beautiful, showing a range of whimsical (and at times nightmarish) scenes. His illustrative style and use of colour worked perfectly to completely win me over.

My favourite illustration is the one below: Shakespeare delightfully weary of the bee resting on his nose, painted for a Shakespeare in the Park event.

Scott Pilgrim 6

You guys, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour just got here - it's the 6th and last volume of the series! Hurry up, come and get it while it's hot hot hot hot hot!

Moomin and Nancy too!

Huzzah! The new Moomin and Nancy collections are in (respectively). And they are looking awesome. In terms of Moomin this concludes the Tove Jansson portion, after this it's all her brother Lars. You can read Tom's post from last week for more info on that.

On the Nancy front, I am really enjoying the comics "Intro" that Seth designed for the book:

John Stanley Library insignia

Come see for yourself, both the new D+Q books are in!

Two Spots Left!!

There are two spots left in our Summer Silkscreening class that starts tomorrow!
I kid you not, two spots! Get em while they're hot!

Call for details: 514.279.2224

A Visit From the Goon Squad

I have to be honest. I am not crazy about this book cover. But after hearing quite a few wonderful things said and written about Egan's newest book, A Visit From the Goon Squad, I decided to pick it up and give it an earnest reading. I finished the book within two days, completely engaged in the entangled and nonlinear story.

A Visit From the Goon Squad starts out with a woman on an drab first date, who then proceeds, in search of excitement, to mischievously steal a wallet from a fellow patron in the ladies restroom. Each following chapter takes the perspective of a character slightly related to a previously introduced character, going forwards and backwards in time. Once you start to get attached to one character, Egan quickly jumps to another, unwilling to let you get comfortable and settled in any one story.

This novel cannot be summarized by a single plot description, but relies on moments and memories viewed through varying perspectives and contexts.
A satisfying and engaging read!

Vote for D+Q! Best Bookstore in Canada!

If you have the time, please vote for Librairie D+Q in the Best Bookstore Category against Vancouver and Toronto! Vote here.

Screening Passes!

The Librairie has passes to see SOUL KITCHEN on Tuesday July 20 at 7 PM at the AMC. Stop by to pick one up! Limited supply!

Listen up!

We have a few new additions to our stock: some bear listening to, while others offer you good reads about listening.

In the realm of things that can be listened to, but not read:

Can anyone resist this gentleman's voice? I am constantly telling people to find the This American Life episodes featuring him, because his voice is magical: no one is Billie Holiday the way David Sedaris is Billie Holiday. This LP gives you 75 minutes of Sedaris storytime plus a bonus download with extra stories on mp3.

Things that involve listening but also reading:

The Believer's 2010 music issue is jam-packed! Interviews with M.I.A., Robert Forster (conducted by Robert Christgau!), and Lady Saw, plus a round table on electronic music, music-themed comics, and an orientalist music party. As always, there is a mix cd included: you can see it peeking through the cover's die cut sunglasses.

And finally, in the realm of reading about listening, let me present local mag Maisonneuve's "The music we hate" issue.

Being a consumer who is occasionally (randomly?) spiteful towards widely-accepted cultural icons, I can respect this theme. For those of you who can't read the small print, the magazine offers to a) teach you how to write about sex, b) let you read a new column by Sheila Heti and c) tell you why and how to hate Sonic Youth, Joanna Newsom, Animal Collective, and others.

Now that the World Cup is over what do I do with myself?

The answer is simple. Read this amazing book--Among the Thugs!

My friend Matthew recommended this book to me a few years ago and it's still vivid in my mind. It's a fascinating study of fan behavior, team allegiance, and the destruction of town squares. Bill Buford is a great writer and he details his experiences with plenty of wit. He sounds terrified through much of the book but he stays in the thick of things and it is amazing.


I AM LOVE Movie Date Change

To anyone who picked up movie pass for I AM LOVE for tomorrow, they informed us the screening has switched to Thursday the 15th! Still at the AMC!

Summer workshops

Now's the time to register for our popular summer workshops!

Participants are entitled to a 20% discount on books for the duration of the workshop. As always, we encourage you to come reserve your spot at the store as soon as you can - the number of participants is limited! All workshop supplies are included in the fee. Please call the store or email for more info.

PRINT MAKING with Kathryn Delaney

Monday evenings, 6:30pm-8:30pm, July 19th, 26th, August 2nd, 9th and 16th
$120 for whole session (5 classes).

This printmaking workshop is designed to explore three techniques: linocut, woodcut and stencil. Students will execute their drawings, carving/cutting and hand printing with non-toxic water-based inks. Material provided by Drawn & Quarterly.

Kathryn Delaney is a Canadian artist living in Montreal Quebec, with a MFA in Print Media from Concordia University.

Silkscreening Workshop - Summer Session

Tuesdays July 13th, 20th and 27th (6:30-8:30pm).
$100 for whole session (3 classes).

This 3-week course with instructor Leyla Majeri will go over the basics of silk screening multiple colour prints (two colours), from start to finish. Participants (ages 15 and up) will go home with a completed project.

Get in quick before they fill up!

we have movie passes!!!!

Come by the store tonight after 7, and on a first first serve basis we will be handing out movie passes for I AM LOVE with Tilda Swinton (swoon!) next Tuesday at the AMC at 7. Great reviews of it. Each pass admits two and one pass per person.

New Releases Y'alls

Weathercraft and Wally Gropius have made their way to the store!

The two new Fantagraphics releases are both highly recommended, enveloppe-pushing works of art - the wordless Weathercraft follows Manhog through Jim Woodring's psychedelic and symbolically substancial alternate universe ("a dense, rich fable of torture, exaltation and amnesia" as he puts it), while Wally Gropius is a clever, absurd, funny and offputting work that evokes 1950s teenage humor comics with a twist (make that a bunch of twists actually).

You're going to be all like "It's really funny - but what does it mean?" when you get catapulted in the umpteen millionaire's crazy life of fame, wealth, love, verbose and obscure Bauhaus references. Wally Gropius is a book you'll come back to often, in hopes of getting it more and more each time.

Part of Woodring's Frank series, Weathercraft is a haunting, beautiful and epic story in which Manhog suffers and learns from the cruelty and dream-logic of the Unifactor and its weird inhabitants.

Also new in store, and also pertaining to a fascinating author (to put it lightly, he IS the father/god of manga after all): The Art of Osamu Tezuka, God of Manga - it's big, full of text and rare images, and it comes with a bonus DVD documentary! There's a lot to learn about his productive career and his earth-shattering body of work - for example, did you know he was, among so many more important things, the author of the original Unico manga?


We've got two new books in from the killer Canadian publishing company Anteism. I love this company. Specializing in artist books, zines, and prints, Anteism gives voice to creative Canadian artists, creating absolutely beautifully made books. I'm totally down for any company that works to give quality support to artists that definitely deserve it.

First up is Other: The Artwork of Troy Lovegates, a book showcasing the graffiti and street art of Other (a.k.a Troy Lovegates). Initially starting out in Toronto in 1988, Lovegates is now exhibiting his widely fantastical work internationally. This book is but a glimpse into his unique and assorted oeuvre.
And! Not only do we have the softcover, but also the hardcover version of Other. The hardcover is especially wonderful, as it is apart of a 100-run limited edition. Hand-bound! Block printed endpages! And an embossed title page! I assure you. It's a gem. For a sneak peak, check out this video of the book on the Anteism website.

We've also got Long Drop: The Paintings of Dil Hildebrand, a comprehensive overview of Montrealer Hildebrand's surreal and dreamy artwork. Abstractions, layers, and tricks of the eye: Hildebrand creates work that you could stare at forever, finding something new in each moment.
Makes me swoon with delight.


It is with great pleasure that we announce a launch for Sheila Heti's new book: How Should a Person Should Be? THURSDAY Sept. 23, 7pm

We are all big Sheila Heti fans here, and I think it is safe to say that you are too. Even if you don't know it yet. So, if you need to do some catching up, you could start here, or perhaps with her curated videos on Ryberg (I recommend "And Now We Have Become TV").

You can also pick up her McSweeney's short-story collection: Middle Stories and her novel Ticknor. Both of which we stock at the store. Alternatively you can cut to the chase, by reading the prologue for How Should a Person Be? HERE on Sheila's site.

Regardless, you should get acquainted and familiar for full enjoyment of this event.

Clone your herbs!

I don't know about you all, but with all the sunny-rainy weather we've been having, our herbs are growing like weeds.

Pineapple mint overflowing!

Gayla Trail, who you may remember for all her extensive and practical plant knowledge (here and here and here, not to mention here), recently wrote a guest post on what to do with the pesky excess of herbs you may be experiencing (apart from tons of pestos and salsas).

She gives great step-by-step advice on how to clone your herbs quickly and easily. Check out the blog post over here on Re-Nest, which is a pretty darn cool site in its own right.

As always, Grow Great Grub is available in store, and totally awesome.

P.S. Celebrity spotting! Check out who stopped by the bookstore this week!


I noticed (un)fashion staring at me as I entered D+Q the other day, and giddiness completely overcame me. The book consists of hundreds of pictures of unique and absurd fashion choices from around the world. (un)fashion was conceived by Tibor Kalman before his death, and just recently published by his wife Maira Kalman.

The images are humourous, endearing, and completely wonderful. This kid above is rockin' that neckpiece like nobody's business.

Here are but a few more examples of the quirk and charm that this book has to offer:


My New York Garo Fever

Remember how I've been so stoked about the GARO exhibit hosted by New York's Center for Book Arts? It was incredible, it just ended, but if you missed it, fear not: 1) I come with pictures and 2) you can purchase the exhibition catalog here at the store - it is insightful, well illustrated and basically the only way to find out about the first decade of Japan's most legendary outlet for avant-garde comic art.

Have a token general view of the show:


I lingered for a good 5 minutes on the two pages at the bottom left, baffled by the dramatic layout, the genius timing and the goosebumps i got from the overwhelming power of GEKIGA. (this section showcases the work of Kusunoki Shohei IIRC)

Another highlight of the show for me was to see in person the work of Yoshiharu and Tadao Tsuge in person. Here is a sample of Tadao's cinematic and expressive panels:

Here is Kuniko Tsurita, the first female author to be published in GARO, with stories and an aesthetic miles away from your average shojo manga from the sixties.

Below is the Seiichi Hayashi wall, in all its psychedelic, pop art, existential and abstract glory. And next to it is a shelf with readable, translated stories, both in printout (Tsuge Yoshiharu's The Pond!) and book form - with D+Q's own Abandon the Old in Tokyo (Yoshihiro Tatsumi), Red Snow (Susumu Katsumata) and Red Colored Elegy (Seiichi Hayashi).

Can't wait for the release of Suzuki Oji's A Single Match!

Thanks to The Center for Book Arts for letting me use their pictures, and thanks to the Center and Ryan Holmberg for such an awesome and much needed exhibition and catalog - Mr. Holmberg, I cannot wait for your book to come out!

I warmly recommend fans (or anyone, really) to visit this neat blog for more GARO goodness, and to go through this roundtable over at The Hooded Utilitarian - an interesting series of articles on the topic of bringing experimental manga to the west, featuring the likes of Kate Dacey of The Manga Critic, Ryan Sands of Same Hat!, and a brief cameo by D+Q's own Peggy Burns!

* * * * *

Also, on the subject of comic-related exhibitions in New York, you still have time to catch the cool R. Sikoryak exhibit (and the NeoIntegrity: Comics Edition exhibition too) over at the Museum for Comic and Cartoon Art, both end on August 29th!

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