New Lynda Barry!

Lynda Barry's new title, Picture This, has arrived! We gleefully welcome this new addition to the Drawn & Quarterly table. A companion to the writing process-oriented What It Is, Picture This asks “Why do we stop drawing?” and “Why do we start?”

Get invited to a party...

Make some imaginary friends...
Contemplate why drawing scares grown-ups...
As usual, Lynda's work is inspiring, affirming and joyous. Make friends with the near-sighted monkey: the near-sighted monkey wants to be your friend.

Zero History Book Launch with William Gibson

It was a major honor to have William Gibson, Godfather of Cyberspace, launch his latest book here at the 211 store. As expected, the store couldn't be more full - thanks/sorry!

Mr. Gibson started the night with a lively reading of two selected chapters from his new book. I'm still giggling thinking about the part about the 'Proust cookies' and the characters' Tao Lin-esque bond with the Apple brand and products.

Then followed an interesting Q&A session where Gibson talked about: his creative process (pretty much absorbing everything and anything and constructing his work around the memorable elements of the accumulated information), his choice to write science fiction taking place in the present time, denim otakus and much much more...

Here are some pictures:

So stoked to introduce the legendary author.

The usual and now pretty much obligatory crowd shot.

"He dunked the plain one briefly in his tea, perhaps out of some vague, Proust-related superstition, then quickly ate them all, as is."

A dizzying line of fans waiting patiently to meet the author - it went all the way to the front door!

The icing on the cake: a surprise visit from two Toy Story ladies. Spoiler alert: the missing eye is done on purpose.

Thanks again to everyone for coming, and thank you Mr. Gibson for a wonderful evening!

A Full House for Sheila Heti and Leanne Shapton

Thanks to everyone who came out on the Thursday night for our joint Native Trees of Canada And How Should a Person Be? launch.

For those of you who couldn't make it you missed out on a really nice evening of conversation.

Chris and Peggy did the introductions:

Then Leanne and Sheila interviewed each other, and the audience, about female friendship.

Later, they signed books.

WILLIAM GIBSON Launch Tonight!

“ of the most visionary, original, and quietly influential writers currently working.” (The Boston Globe)

“His eye for the eerie in the everyday still lends events an otherworldly sheen.” (The New Yorker)

“[his] ability to hit the sweet spot of cutting-edge culture is uncanny.” (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

That's right, William Gibson will be IN STORE TONIGHT to launch his new novel ZERO HISTORY
Gibson is the author of nine previous books, including, most recently, the New York Times-bestsellers Spook Country and Pattern Recognition. Gibson's 1984 debut novel, Neuromancer, was the first novel to win the three top science fiction prizes—the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award. A founder of the "cyberpunk" genre, Gibson is credited with coining the term "cyberspace" in his short story "Burning Chrome", and with popularizing the concept of the Internet while it was still largely unknown.

William Gibson, 211 Bernard, 7 pm. Not to be missed!

Leanne and Sheila Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, we will be hosting a launch for How Should a Person Be? and The Native Trees of Canada. Come by the Librairie Drawn and Quarterly at 7 pm on Thursday October 28th.

We are very very excited about this launch for two amazing, young, Canadian artists. Leanne Shapton will be debuting Native Trees of Canada, a book of paintings of trees published by Drawn and Quarterly. Sheila Heti will be launching How Should a Person Be?, which is a novel, a post-modern self-help book, and a portrait of art-making in Toronto.

If that hasn't convinced you, check out previews of the books here and here. And if you still need convincing of how interesting the "in discussion" part will be, check out some interviews with them: Sheila and Leanne.

A New Collection Cultural Critic Alex Ross

We loved Alex Ross for the seminal The Rest is Noise, in which he chronicled the trajectory of music and sound in mass culture and politics over the past century.

Listen to This is a collection of the experienced critic's essays in The New Yorker Magazine over the last decade. His ongoing exploration of the meaning of music in our lives should leave even the most knowledgeable music appreciator loving sound even more.

Judging The Book By Its Cover

NEW IN STORE! Kristin Hersh's memoir RAT GIRL captures one pivotal year in the author's life: it's 1985 and 18-year-old Hersh is confronted with the rising success of her punk band, a recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder and a surprise pregnancy. This "uncommonly touching punk memoir" (New York Times) is getting great reviews but what gets me is the cover art by Gilbert Hernandez, 80's punk girl perfection.

Sure, Why Not?

NEW IN STORE: Palo Alto, a collection of short stories about "troubled adolescents and misfits in California" by actor/director/writer/artist/babe James Franco. To get an idea of why James Franco deserves to be enshrined in a heart read this New Yorker piece on his life/art/life.

Hicksville (Re-)Launch Event

Don't forget! Tomorrow at 7 pm, long-time D+Q author Dylan Horrocks will be in Montreal to present a retrospective on his work, including reflections on the path from the original Hicksville to its new edition.

This will be taking place at the Librairie at 7 pm on Wednesday October 27th. RSVP on Facebook here.

New in store: David Foster Wallace's Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity

From the author who taught me such wonderful words as suppurate and lallating comes a text that no dictionary can help me understand. Everything and More: A Compact History of Infinity is David Foster Wallace's treatise on the history of infinity, and like every topic he tackled, Mr. Wallace's take on the concept infinity is thorough and complex. Though some of the mathematical concepts he explores are too complicated for my arts kid mind, DFW's writing is, as always, enthusiastic and funny. Pick up a copy and read why David Foster Wallace thinks advanced mathematics can be "sexy".

Biblioasis Bibliophilic Bibliadventure

Join us tomorrow for the launch of Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod, and Combat Camera by A.J. Somerset.

Light Lifting is Alexander MacLeod's first collection of short stories, and it's been nominated for a Giller prize. Combat Camera is a novel about a burned-out war photographer falling in love, but it's also much much more than that.

Montreal's Harold Hoefle will also be reading and discussing his new collection The Mountain Clinic. Refreshments, conversations, good books and fabulous writers: is there a better way to spend an evening?

The launch kicks off around 7 pm tomorrow, Monday October 25th.

And the Pursuit of Maira....

Maira Kalman, a long-standing Librairie favourite, has a new book that came out Tuesday!

And the Pursuit of Happiness... is a history lesson, a view into a beautiful mind, and an illustrated social analysis. Maira Kalman offers a story of the United States of America expressed through very mixed media: photography, paintings, sketches, and pressed leaves.

Whether using photographs of schoolchildren with puffy hairstyles, or describing her crush on Abraham Lincoln, Maira's perspective on the world around her is effervescent, invested, and always genuinely interested.

Who am I kidding, I just wish she'd come here and be my friend, and draw pictures of Leif Ericsson for me.

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk

We have the new David Sedaris: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. Need I say more?

Perhaps only that, if you survive the pains of hard laughter and dare to want more, we have also just received I Found This Funny, a collection of short pieces by writers and comedians selected by Judd Apatow.


An Evening of Aphorisms

Thanks to Lemon Hound for hosting the poetry reading last night.

We were graced by the presence of poets Jason Camlot and George Murray.

Murray was launching his new book Glimpse Selected Aphorisms.

Here are a few:

"Standards fall like pants: easily and on their own, once past a certain point."

# 46
"Truth is whatever piece of information would have been useful to have before the conversation began."

"Satisfaction starts to happen when you start to outrun your own tendency to run."

Come in and check out the rest for yourself!

Free Tickets to the Movies!

We are giving away admit-two movie passes for YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER (the new Woody Allen flick, Oct 25th) and SAW 3D (Oct 28th)! Come and get them, first come first served!
Monday, October 25th
Cinema du Parc, 7pm
Thursday, October 28th
Cinema Banque Scotia, 9:30pm

DYLAN HORROCKS in store on Wednesday October 27th

We are extra pleased to have Dylan Horrocks all the way from New Zealand to launch the new edition of Hicksville (and do a few other things while in North America). His talk "A long way from Hicksville" will explore themes of the book, and of the new introduction. Dylan will give insight into what happened between Hicksville's first appearance, the new edition, DC and talk about the work he is currently producing.

Hope to see you there Wednesday October 27th at 7pm!

LEANNE SHAPTON & SHEILA HETI in Conversation on Thursday October 28th

To celebrate the release of their two new books, Sheila Heti and Leanne Shapton will be talking, reading and signing on Thursday October 28th at 7pm.

Sheila Heti writes books and conducts interviews. She will be launching How Should a Person Be?. A novel of many identities, it is an autobiography of the mind, a postmodern self-help book, and a (mostly) fictionalized portrait of the artist as a young woman -- of two such artists, in fact.
Click here for a preview of Sheila's How Should a Person Be?

Leanne Shapton is an illustrator, author and publisher based in New York City. She will be launching a book of paintings for Drawn & Quarterly called Native Trees of Canada.
Click here for a preview of Leanne's Native Trees of Canada

WILLIAM GIBSON in store on Friday October 29th

We are beyond excited to host the book launch for William Gibson's new novel, Zero History, this Friday October 29th at 7pm.

A vivid look at the aura of our age, Zero History is an entertaining incursion into Gibson's fantastically recognizable vision of the 21st century. Edgy, thrilling, and full of Gibson's singular humour, Zero History holds a mirror to our modern world, revealing both its failures and its redemptive wonders.

William Gibson is the author of nine previous books, including, most recently, the New York Times-bestsellers Spook Country and Pattern Recognition. Gibson's 1984 debut novel, Neuromancer, was the first novel to win the three top science fiction prizes—the Hugo Award, the Nebula Award, and the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award. A founder of the "cyberpunk" genre, Gibson is credited with coining the term "cyberspace" in his short story "Burning Chrome", and with popularizing the concept of the Internet while it was still largely unknown.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to meet “one of the most visionary, original, and quietly influential writers currently working.” (The Boston Globe)

William Gibson's Wikipedia page
More info on the book
RSVP on Facebook

George Murray and Jason Camlot

launch for Glimpse with George Murray plus reading by James Camlot
Friday Oct 22, 7pm Librairie Drawn & Quarterly 211 Bernard Ouest

Hosted by the excellent LEMON HOUND poetry (and much more) blogspot. 

Tao Lin Event

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to hear Tao speak. Those who were in attendance can attest that it was a great reading and a very entertaining Q&A. I don't know if it's Tao's writing that elicits deeply personal questions but I felt, at times, like the crowd had open access to what is generally very guarded information. From the business of making books to relationships and criticism, nothing was off limits. And it was all handled with charm and humor. Thanks Tao! Have fun at Type Books tomorrow in Toronto!

And, as with all events here, Tao's latest book Richard Yates and all that is available from his backlist, is in stock here at Librairie D&Q.

new Tin Can Forest

Baba Yaga appears as a wise old witch in much Slavic folklore. She flies around on a broom, eats children and is all around someone to be avoided. Check out these gnarly images.

Baba Yaga and the Wolf
is the latest release of the Toronto collective Tin Can Forest (the duo responsible for D and Q's Pohadky). This interview gives a pretty good lowdown of what these guys do.

This thin, glossy, large format comic has all the somber colors and eerie mystery of an enchanted daymare. It takes place in a living forest where priests and vampires, the Devil and Jesus are all a normal part of everyday life.

The words and images trip over each other to reveal the strange strands of this reinvented mythology. It's a good, dark read.

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