Montreal Misses Lynda Barry!

On a beautiful, snowy Montreal Saturday night, 500-plus Montrealers made their way to the historical Ukrainian Federation to see the fabulous Lynda Barry give a presentation on her new book Picture This.

It was a full house to say the least. The entire floor was full, and the crowd spilled upstairs. The crowd seemed to be a fair split of people who had read her comics in various Canadian weeklies, or were customers of the store, or had heard her interviews on the CBC, or read the profiles in the Gazette or the Hour.

The D+Q Librairie is located in the neighborhood of Mile End and it seemed that everyone from the neighborhood was in attendance. For a detailed report of the show check out the Mileendings blog by local writer Sarah Gilbert. Above is the writer Jonathan Goldstein who has his own CBC show Wiretap and is a contributor to This American Life, on the left is Jon Tucker, Wiretap contributor and on the right, artist Helene Brosseau.

Matt Forsythe.

Chris Oliveros, Kit Malo, and Marina Lesenko.

Billy Mavreas, Joe Ollmann, and Emilie O'Brien.

Chris gave a wonderful, long thoughtful introduction covering Lynda's career.

This was the first time that I had ever been able to actually see Lynda give her presentation. Usually, I am rushing around a convention hall and have to go back to the booth. I have to say, and I know I'm the publicist, her talk is hands down one of the best author talks I have ever seen. She's VERY funny, poignant, and inspiring. It's simply amazing.

And yes, those are props and a backdrop but not for Lynda, but for an area high school play. They seemed to suit Lynda's show, though.

This is her line at the start of the signing.

This is her line about 30 minutes after the show had ended. She signed for two hours. Here's a hint about Lynda's lines, it stinks to be at the end, but the wait is worth as she spends even more time with the last few people in line, as she knows how long they have been waiting.

Here's part of the behind the scenes team that makes D+Q tick and a great place to work. From left to right: Julia Pohl-Miranda, Jessica Campbell, Rory Seydel, and Tracy Hurren.

The next night we had a soiree at the store for D+Q employees and friends. Rebecca was here from France! With her best "little my" hair do.

Woody was not impressed.

Gigi was.

Here's Chris and artist Adrian Norvid, whose artbook, Nogoodniks we are putting out this June.

Lynda received good bye fanmail from the Oliveros-Lesenko boys.

OK, so if you're not in Montreal and you're not anywhere for Lynda's next appearances in Chicago, Philly and Boston, what are you to do? You can listen to this Sound of Young America interview and you can watch this video of Matt and Lynda in India, where they attended the INK Conference in association with TED.

{Good photos by Marilis Cardinal, bad photos by moi}

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