From the makers of McSweeney's 36:

"I'd like nothing more than a chance to crack your forehead open along a tidy seam and give the contents of your mind a nice gor-free sift. This McSweeney's issue was conceived as an approximation of what that experience might feel like for the sifter."

Just when I was beginning to think that everything had already been done I unpack this box and am astounded by what I see. It is as it looks: a giant head that contains McSweeney's Thirty-Sixth Issue.

This is not just a regularly formated Headbox, it's been adorned with an incredible painting by the badass cartoonist/painter Matt Furie.

And according to the liner notes the idea for the head-flipping format was sparked by this Blechman (or at least Blechman-esque) Reach Toothbrush commercial:

But enough about the outside -- We're going in!

Included inside are a wide range of brain finds: a script for an imaginary Mike Myers/ Dana Carvey movie, described as a: "buddy comedy about pro baseball on a tandem bicycle"
By Tim Heidecker
(of Tim & Eric) and Gregg Turkington.

Remember here, we are talking about heads, heads are filled with fragments. And what is more fragmented than a surrealist painting divided into four postcards?

Fountain City is a collection of annotated fragments from a lost Chabon novel.
It includes a foldout poster-jacket of the drawing that inspired the whole doomed enterprise.

New stories & letters including John Brandon, Colm Tóibín , Jesse Eisenburg, Mary Miller and more.

JUNGLE GERONIMO features art by Michael Kupperman and is... well... Straight up crazy!

MA SU MON is a booklet from the Voice Of Witness imprint, and it details the story of a student protester in Burma whose government harassed and imprisoned her.

McSweeney's: How do you do it? and HOW WILL YOU TOP THIS?

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