Oji Suzuki now in English!

Remember how I said I couldn't wait for the release of Oji Suzuki's A Single Match? Whether I could handle waiting for it or not doesn't matter - what matters is that it's finally here in all its arresting poetic glory.

The short stories in Suzuki's first English collection explore memory, relationships and loss with a loose narrative style, filling each tale with a sense of unfulfilled longing. He plumbs the dissolute depths of human psychology, literally bathing his characters in expansive shadows that paradoxically reveal as much as they obscure.

Although he touches on many of the same themes as his contemporaries in the field of post-war alternative manga, Yoshihiro Tsuge (L'Homme Sans Talent) and Seiichi Hayashi (Red Coloured Elegy), Suzuki's ever-shifting narrative approach and dashes of surrealist humor distinguish his work from his peers

If you're still not convinced of the book's unquestionable brilliance, read a preview of A Single Match (PDF).

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