Penguin 75

At the risk of stating the complete obvious, we here at Drawn & Quarterly LOVE books.
So, upon coming in to work today and seeing Penguin 75: Designers, Authors, Commentary (the good, the bad...) sitting pretty on one of ours shelves, I gasped with delight and snatched it my hands.
I am going to just admit it...I'm a little obsessed with this book.

Cover by Penguin Art Director Paul Buckley

For their 75th anniversary, Penguin 75 looks at 75 contemporary Penguin book covers, done under the art direction of Paul Buckley, Roseanne Serra, and Darren Haggar. They basically give the behind-the-scenes info on what goes into making an amazing (or, in some cases, horrible) cover design from the perspective of the art directors, designers, and authors. They show proposed and rejected covers, as well as how the book was designed by other publishers.

Cover by Julie Doucet

Penguin 75 takes a really lighthearted and genial approach in discussing the books, making it to complete joy to read. I have laughed out loud several times so far...

Cover by Chris Ware

It's just really fun and fascinating to see so many of the books we have in the store in the book, and read about how the cover design came about. Plus! Foreword by the cover designer extraordinaire Chris Ware!

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