Ray Fenwick's Mascots

I've frequently looked at Ray Fenwick's collection of postcards, Hi: 30 Postcards and wondered to myself why he doesn't have a new book out. After all, someone with such pointed, articulate, funny opinions about goal achievement must have more to say.

From his postcard collection

Ray Fenwick's Mascots is that expansion of opinion. It's also narrated by Cthulu... I think.

Mascots is a "collection of impressionistic stories that combine to create an absurd - yet familiar - parallel world. " The book is composed of a series of paintings on found book covers.

What Fenwick paints is funny and punny, but also unexpectedly observant with just a little bit of metaphysical musing thrown in. I know that doesn't make too much sense as a combination, so just read these pages and maybe you'll understand.

Still confused? Check out this video, undoubtedly the best book preview I've ever watched, simultaneously faithful to the text and utterly mystifying.

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