Changing face of Rue Bernard Ouest

Perhaps you haven't heard, Mile-End record establishment PHONOPOLIS is moving! And where you ask are they moving to? RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOUR FAVORITE BOOKSTORE! That's right; records and books all in one go. We are deeming it The Cultural Mall, well .. actually .. That might be taking it a bit far.

Owner Nathan Gage and I go way back. Actually way, WAY back to Victoria BC,  where we formed our band together back in '03. Nate opened Phonopolis in 2008, keep up on their blog here.

The store is slated to open this Friday, Nick K. pictured above is busy putting on the final touches as we speak. I am trying to figure out how to run speaker cable through the wall so we can listen in on what they are playing. Talk of walkie-talkies has commenced.

Stacks of records  are sitting waiting for (my) perusal. This could be dangerous for the pocket book. Nate is moving because he has too much stock.

Obligatory pre-opening mess shot. Congrats Nate!

 And in other Bernard Ouest news, Nouveau Palais has been taken over by some lovely Mile-End foodies, and seems to be flourishing (I should know, I've eaten 4 meals there in the last 5 days). They are open for lunch, brunch, dinner and late night eats, all are incredible. Above is old shot of the Palace, presale.

The New Nouveau Palais is similar looking to the old one, they stripped the wood paneling and replaced the television with a stuffed fox (insert fox news joke). Aside from that things are as they were, except now the food is edible and incredibly delicious.

Mark of local band Valleys serves me my brown bag lunch. Yea Rue Bernard Ouest!

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