Do you know Daniel Barrow?

Daniel stopped by yesterday to discuss his presentation this coming Thursday the 24th, if you are unfamiliar with his work I suggest checking out his website,overhead projectors, comics influence, voice over WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!

Daniel's work usually involves an ancient overhead projector, and cut outs of his illustrations. When Shary Boyle spoke at the Librairie back in '08 she mentioned how big of an influence Daniel had been for her. Also exciting; we've gotten our hands on a bunch of Daniel's artist edition No One Helped Me which was a limited run of 500. Read more about it here at Art Metropole.

Imagine this illustration moving around through a fuzzy haze of your fourth grade overhead projector? From what I hear Daniel will be doing excerpts from past shows, shows that are normally reserved for galleries. We are LUCKY!

He also happened to be wearing this skookum jacket adorned with Amy Lockhart Dizzler Ilustrations.
I hope fashion trendsetters lay their eyes on this in a vintage heap in 2080.

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