Granta a.k.a Exciting Books of 2011

Dear devoted blog reader,

Did you even know we carried Granta? There's been less Granta love on the blog than is warranted. Well that ends today. Let me show you the proof - three beautiful back issues of Granta (Pakistan, Young Spanish Novelists, and Going Back). We try to keep back issues in stock because we know Granta never goes out of style.

Granta 114 is about aliens.

With stories from Aravind Adiga, Roberto Bolano, Dinaw Mengestu, Ann Patchett, Madeleine Thien, Paul Theroux and others, it guarantees quality. The Bolano story is perfection in a single sentence.

As for Madeleine Thien, her contribution is actually drawn from an impending release, Dogs at the Perimeter. I was particularly excited because we will be launching her book here at the Librairie in May. Set in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge dictatorship, it's about loss and trauma, and how we learn to live with both. Stay tuned for more details. This promises to be a powerful, haunting read.

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