Mo Willems drops by

Yesterday, Peggy, Woody, Gigi, and I drove out to Pointe-Claire to see Mo Willems read at the unbelievably amazing Librairie Babar. Oh, that is a nice bookstore. Two floors packed full of kids and young adult books. Really great. Of course, like any good modern parent, we totally overbook our kids' activities and we rushed from Gigi's afternoon swim lesson to Babar and missed the complete reading. We did however get a chance to say hi to Mo (and meet his wife Cheryl, and his daughter Trixie who some of you may know is the star of Knuffle Bunny!!!) Mo mentioned he already had plans to come by the Drawn & Quarterly bookstore the next day since he was a big fan of our books and wanted to see the operation. Why, yes, we would love to have you!! So this morning Julia and I met them at the store and had a great time chatting about the secrets of writing for kids (I can't tell!!), McSweeneys, Toon Books, riding bikes in the winter, and how hard it is to find open restaurants on Mondays in Montreal. Oh, and then Mo signed a bunch of his books in our kids section. So, parents, get over here now!!

{Woody and Gigi getting their books signed at Librairie Babar.}

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