n+1 plus cool

A part of their Small Books series, n+1 (a magazine on literature, politics, and culture, sold at D+Q) has been releasing compact books based around on-going research. They describe their books as "carefully composed, but with content capturing the spirit of things still happening, in flux, under debate, made for argument."
So far, three books have been published...and we have all three!

First, What We Should Have Known: Two Discussions:
Composed of two transcripts from panel discussions on contemporary education, specifically related to literature, philosophy, and thought. Scholars recount their experience with education: what they they think should change in post-secondary education, and what actually works towards furthering the development of education. I especially enjoyed the lists given by each speaker on the books that changed their lives.

Second, P.S.1 Symposium: A Practical Avant-Garde:
A transcript of a symposium held at P.S.1 in New York in 2006, attempting to decipher how the avant-garde developed and what it means today. This book decidedly offers questions, rather than solutions, on the idea of the progressive in art and literature.

Thirdly, What Was the Hipster: A Sociological Investigation:
So the story goes: Everyone can point to a hipster, but no one will admit to being a hipster. This book takes an investigative look at the term hipster and how it developed in "the aughts" to mean something very particular (though it should be said that this particularity varies from person to person). Composed of discussions during a symposium, responses to the discussion, and essays, this book takes a pretty varied and wide-ranging look at an intended subculture gone mainstream.

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