David Collier's Chimo is in, y'alls

David Collier has a new book out! It's been a long time since The Frank Ritza Papers!

The Conundrum-published Chimo is a collection of observational comic-strips detailing his re-enlistment in the Canadian Army (which he quit in the 80's to commit to his art) to participate in the Canadian War Artists Program.

If you're wondering, this is what Chris Ware has to say about it:

Chimo is an idiosyncratic, compelling and hilarious musing-in-comics that I couldn’t put down. Seemingly a quirky memoir about soldiering, it’s really a quest for survival — both basic and artistic — and a meditation on aging, family and the fight to simply try and understand oneself, all told by one of the most unpretentious cartoonists in North America. There’s an eye for mundane detail and a sort of animal fear running through it all that it leaves one shaken yet oddly refreshed. It’s unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved it.” — Chris Ware

Let me also recommend two great reviews: one on Comics Comics by our friend Jeet Heer (who calls Collier one of the four great Canadian cartoonists alongside Chester Brown, Seth, Julie Doucet), and another by Dan Nadel for the Comics Journal. You have to love how Jeet pops in the comments section of this one!

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