Feeding the Whole Family

I have a seven month old at home, and we have been slowly introducing solids to him. I really want to feed this kid real food, rather than convenient jars that look rather disgusting (for example, meat baby food looks universally sickly).

So, I was pumped to see Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair sitting beautifully on the D+Q shelves. It's a book that aims to introduce healthy and local food to babies, young children, and adults alike. I strongly believe that little ones are able to eat a fairly varied diet earlier than we give them credit for. This book makes it really easy to cook for little ones, giving recipes that work well for adults and their children.

There are tons of recipes that I'm eager to try at home (I might as well give Danny a break from always cooking). To name a few: Homemade baby cereal, Apple Miso Almond Butter Sandwiches, Thai Coconut Chicken Soup, Falafel!, Salmon Kebobs with Yogyrt Garlic Dip.

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