I Like Cats

Back in December, Fiona mentioned a new Tara book called I Like Cats that would be the ideal Christmas gift for her cat-loving friend.

Christmas may be over, but the season for liking cats is eternal. With this in mind, Tara just released an updated version of that book. The new print isn't laser-printed, it's silk-screen printed and bound by hand, on handmade paper. It's got the same lovely illustrations, the same adorable cats, but in colors way more vibrant and on a paper that's so nice to the touch. Clearly, the people behind the amazing bestselling Nightlife of Trees are capable of great things...

I'm especially crazy about these:

Greedy Cats by Durga Bai

Cats with Scowls by an unknown artist in Rajasthan

Slow Cats by Radhashyam Raut (see the difference between the two prints!)

Meowser by Vanessa Davis (j/k)

Visit the official Tara Books website to learn more about this wonderful indie publisher from India.

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