Scenes from an Impending Marriage

From New Yorker cover artist extraordinaire and longtime D+Q comics star Adrian Tomine comes the perfect good-things-come-in-small-packages book, Scenes from an Impending Marriage. Scenes is about the size of a wedding invitation and Tiffany's blue but don't be confused by the pretty packaging, Tomine's "prenuptial memoir" is a refreshingly honest and hilarious chronicle of the modern marriage process. Capturing everything from dance lessons and seating charts to eyebrow tweezing (Tomine's) and post-reception fast food, Scenes from an Impending Marriage would make a perfect gift for the bridezilla or wedding cynic, the betrothed or recently-wed in your life. Take a look at this short excerpt, in which Tomine tackles the trials of pre-wedding exercise, invitations, and hundred dollar neckties.

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