Stranger Than Fiction

So maybe I am the last person in the neighborhood to learn about this: local favorite Heather O'Neill has teamed up with the CBC to bring us weekly podcasts that are, well, totally amazing. I've already plowed through three of them while sorting through spring catalogues. That's right, if you were to come into the store right now you would hear Miguel Syjuco talking about participating in a Craigslist med-school exam that consisted of watching nature docs and porno. Indeed, as the titles alludes, most of the stories are odd, check em out here: and subscribe to the podcast in the ol' Itunes.

With Adam Gollner, Heather O'Neill and Nino Ricci already having contributed and Sheila Heti + Joseph Boyden slated to air in the upcoming weeks, I have a feeling that Librairie D+Qer's will have a new favorite podcast, not to mention one with a with a heavy Montreal contingent. "And why all the Montreal content?" you ask? Partly because we have a solid and ever-growing lit scene, and partly because the show is produced by Mile-Ender Sarah Gilbert who also runs the awesome Mile Endings blogspot. Now if only we could convince all these authors to put out books in 2011!

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