Vive la Quebec

Next week we are pleased to be bringing you two events focussed on writers right from around here. Both events take place at the Librairie D+Q, 211 Bernard Ouest.

On Wednesday March 23rd at 7pm, we'll be having a double D+Q book launch for two Montreal authors: Joe Ollmann (with Mid-Life) and Pascal Girard (with Reunion).

Mid-Life follows 40 year old John as he learns to reconcile himself with the mid-life crisis caused by his baby son, stressful job, house full of cats, and ever-flabbier body. An infatuation with a children's performer is treated with deft, sardonic humour.

Reunion is a semi-autobiographical look at the stresses and life re-evaluations caused by the inevitable ten year high school reunion. When Pascal is invited to accompany a former crush, he radically reorganizes his life to ensure he'll come out of the reunion a 'winner'.

On Thursday March 24th at 7pm, we're presenting this month's edition of the Quebec Writers Federation "Writer Out Loud" Series. This panel on graphic novels in Montreal features Elisabeth Belliveau (author of don't get lonely don't get lost and the great hopeful someday) and D+Q's Joe Ollmann (author of Mid-Life and This will all end in tears). The panel will be hosted and led by Mile End personality Billy Mavreas (cartoonist most recently of Inside Outside Overlap, owner of Monastiraki, and one of the organizers of Expozine).

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