Vote for D+Q in the Mirror's Best of Montreal!

It's that time of year again, to rock the vote for all of your favorite locally owned businesses in Montreal for the Mirror's Best of Montreal. Here's how I am voting! Mile End represent!

Best record store (used): Phonopolis!

Best local blog: Mileendings!

Best magazine/zine: Ghost Pine!

Best musical act: Shapes and Sizes!

Best live venue: Sala and Casa!

Best festival: Pop Montreal!

Best vintage clothing store: General 54!

Best fashion designer: Ramonalisa!

Best bookstore (new): Librairie D+Q!

Best bookstore (used): S.W. Welch's!

Best comics store: Librairie D+Q!

Best gallery: Galerie Monastiraki!

Best sandwich: Veggie Pulled "Porc" Le Pick-Up!

Best fish and chips: Comptoir 21!

Best late-night eats: Grumman Tacos at Le Nouveau Palais!

Best cheap eats: Le Pick Up!

Best bakery: Cocoa Locale

Now the only one I am having a hard time with is...

Best cartoonist/comic artist

This is what is so awesome about Montreal! Really, how can anyone answer this with just one answer? Joe Ollmann? Pascal Girard? Michel Rabagliati? Matt Forsythe? I don't think I can even cast a vote in this category, but you can!

Vote by April 13th!

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