CARTOONING Philosophy & Practice by Ivan Brunetti

Do you fancy yourself an aspiring cartoonist? Do you spend evenings toiling over projects, wondering how to execute the perfect cartoon-farrowed-brow? Have you ever wished that Ivan Brunetti would unleash all his comic trade secrets directly into your mind?

Well my friend, you are in luck. With this 16-week course you will learn all this and more without the "distractions of the instructor's monotonous, droning voice, chronic absent-mindedness, soporific slideshows, and soul-crushing critiques" of a normal Brunetti instructional class - his words!.

 Fig 2.1 The Catcher in the Rye as a single panel cartoon.

Kinda hard to see in this picture but it's a series of brow animations, "shamelessly stolen from Chris Ware". Amazing, come pick this one up and get your 'toon on... I promise I will never say that again.

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