Commissaire Toumi and Other Stories

I'll 'fess up, maybe what it takes to get me to blog about French b.d. is adorably anthropomorphized main characters...

Anouk Ricard's Commissaire Toumi is a series of short whodunnits featuring the canine Commissaire and his feline nincompoop of a partner, Sgt. Stucky.

Have you always lamented that Richard Scarry didn't write detective novels? Well lament no longer, dear reader!  Commissaire Toumi offers a sly humour, a pug-like protagonist, and clever plot twists.
The scene of the crime

Commissaire Toumi's Hercule Poirot "J'accuse!" moment

Plus! The fun doesn't stop there! Anouk Ricard has also produced several volumes of the Anna et Froga series about the (mis)adventures of a small band of friends. Each volume collects a handful of short stories about the titular Froga (a little frog) and Anna (a young girl). Their friends include Bubu the dog, René the cat, and Christophe the worm. Whether Ricard's characters are giving us the recipe for "pâtes a la Bubu" or visiting the local mini-golf course, the stories held within these pages are charmingly sweet and funny.

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