Harmony Korine's Trash Humpers

Trash Humpers is a new book by Harmony Korine based on the photographic research for his latest directorial project of the same name. It reads like the cross between an inspiration board, a sinister lifestyle magazine and a poem. To sum it up, I'd describe it as a collection of grimy photographs of American landscapes and old perverts, printed on varying types of paper, and complemented with Josh Smith-esque paintings and one-liners that give insight into what it is exactly that the Trash Humpers like to do.

Can you tell i took these pictures in front of the recycling on purpose?

Released on lo-fi VHS, the 78-minute movie follows a gang of miscreants who roam the streets of Nashville, molesting garbage bins and causing random mayhem. It's an "ode to vandalism and the creativity of the destructive force," Korine has said. "Sometimes there's a real beauty to blowing things up, to smashing and burning. It could be almost as enlightening as the building of an object."

Fans of Harmony Korine will be happy to know that we also carry the screenplay for Mister Lonely, as well as his book The Collected Fanzines.

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