Onward Towards our Noble Deaths - Now in store!

Shigeru Mizuki's marvelous Onward Towards our Noble Deaths has finally hit the store!

It's pretty much unbelievable that Mizuki's work hasn't been translated in English prior to this book... He is a living legend!

While Mizuki is famous for his surreal yôkai stories like the long running Kitarô series or the autobio-fantasy NonNonBā (to be published in 2012 by Drawn & Quarterly), Onward stands out as a horrifically and tragically real memoir ("90% fact," according to Mizuki) of his time served in the Imperial Army during World War 2.

Julia has already blogged about the first reactions to the book. I find that Dan Nadel put his finger on a big part of Onward's appeal in his Comics Journals preview:

"Onward… is particularly affecting because from page one we know that the troops will die. They were sent only to fight and die, and freed of any conventional will-they-survive narrative, Mizuki gently chronicles the daily physical lives of these men."

Marvel at the power of gekiga - the layout! the timing! the drama! the poetry!

Onward Towards our Noble Deaths is a beautiful and penetrating chef d'oeuvre that will leave you pondering on the human condition and on notions of dignity, honor, life and death. A penetrating portrait of the many faces of Death, Onward could possibly be one the most moving graphic novels you'll read.

Opération Mort, the Cornélius-published french translation of Onward, has previously won the Heritage Essential Award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

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