Zines y'all

We recently got two new zines I've been totally into:

The first one is 1998/2008, the third of Mille Putois' Portefeuille pocket-sized zines. This one is by Iris, and it's an almost-interactive double-sided book. One side is a collection of drawn graduation portraits, and the other side shows what the kids look like ten years later. It's up to you to find out who gained/lost weight, who became a nun and who went from goth-vampire to barbie lookalike! Think of this as a sort of 'Choose your own Adventure' version of Pascal Girard's Reunion?

As always with Mille Putois, this zine is silkscreened to perfection! We carry the two other Portefeuille zines as well: Maxim’s hot 100 by Michael Deforge and Catalogue de boulons by Julie Doucet. Look out for the fourth one: Pic Nic by Gigi Perron.

My second coup de coeur is Butterlicious Beats: a 24 page book of raps that Laura Rokas wrote and drew. Before I show you a glimpse of what's inside, let me tell you it has received the Adrian Norvid stamp of approval - not that L-Rok's wittily crafted raps can't speak for themselves...

Whether the soundtrack of this book is really getting a release or not, for now I'm satisfied karaoke-ing my way through it.

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