Chester Brown vists the store

Chester did a long slideshow for his new book Paying For It last night at the store. Before he took the stage and before the store filled up, he met the interns.

Here Chet and Chris chat before the show. Chris is probably saying, "okay, you won't finish the gospels but can we at least do the Complete Ed the Happy Clown?"

Chris introduces Chester. He gave a brief history of Chester's long career and his enthusiasm made it clear that Chester is one of Chris' favorite artists in any medium.

A heavenly light shines on Chet as he reads the first section of Paying For It. Very funny. The scenes of him riding his bike and going to his first prostitute had the crowd howling with laughter.

Rapt. So amazing to see so many people and while many disagreed with parts of what Chester had to say (oh, lordie, that "putting people in boxes" guy) the questions after the presentation were thoughtful and smart. And then Chester signed until midnight.Thanks, Chester!!!

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