Farewell Fair Librairie!!

 As some of you may know already, today is my last day at the Librairie. I started as an intern at the office in winter 2008, was hired on at the store that summer and now - 200 and some-odd events, 3 leaky ceilings, a couple gardens and countless book conversations later - I am departing the store to follow my music dreams (hence the moody photo).

Believe it or not, I will miss the fresh stacks of boxes (because they contain mysterious goodies). I cannot comprehend the amount of knowledge I've gained from working here. I can't even imagine a life without, at the very least, a weekly visit to a bookstore.

 There is so much I will miss, like the miscellaneous packed-crowd-shot from a successful event. 

or the animals

I'll especially miss these little guys who have taken to stopping by the store at least once a week. 

And with all this in mind, I thank Drawn & Quarterly for making all this exist; The Chief!  Tom + Peggy! Jess, Tracy, Ann!  The store staff: Chantale, Fiona, Julien and Julia! And of course all the customers, fellow publishers and friends of the Librairie!! What would the neighborhood be without this bookstore? What would the world be without D+Q?  its publications? Its artists? I will miss working closely with you but I can take solace in knowing you are there!

And now for the good news; let me introduce you to the new manager at 211. His name is Jason Grimmer and I've spent the last seven days working side by side with him. I can tell you firsthand that you are going to be well taken care of. Jason knows his books, is incredibly friendly and one could argue that he has a much better sense of humor than I. Jason, I look forward to shopping in the store as a customer, and I know that you will take the place to greater heights.

Jason and I will both be here tonight for the double launch with Maddie and Alice, so please stop by say good-bye and I'll introduce you to Jason.


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