In the Wilds

I find myself, at this very moment in time, aching to visit my Albertan home. I don't want to go back to watch the Oilers do their Oilery thing, or to visit the dinosaur museum, or to swim at West Edmonton Mall, or to bask in their current rainy weather, or to see the pumpjacks in constant action.

Nope. I want to go back because Nigel Peake's In the Wilds, despite being inspired by the English countryside, has reminded me how beautiful and colourful and diverse the Canadian prairies can be (but also, I guess I would want to say hi to my parents). His drawings of hay and roofs and wood are kind of exquisite.

Peake's detailed line-based drawings are super swell. Bordering abstraction and recognizability, these drawings of rural life give me an immediate sense of calm, comfort, and joy.

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