John Porcellino

Rugged Individualist John Porcellino dropped by the store last week to promote his new book The Next Day. John did not write it--it's a collaboration--but it contains some of his most beautiful pages in years. Really nice work. And there are still a few signed copies for those of you who didn't make it out to the event. Also, John distros a few great comics as well, so come check out issues of Gabrielle Bell's autobio minis and Noah Van Sciver's chip-on-shoulder one-man anthology, Blammo!. Good stuff.

John hung out for a few days in Montreal and even joined Chris, Chester, and myself on a day trip out to Chateauguy, Chester's hometown. We did a tour of almost all the landmarks that show up in his books The Playboy, I Never Liked You, and The Little Man. Keep an eye out for a Chris Oliveros penned diary of that trip sometime this week. AND I just spoke to John this morning after his Thoreau Society event and he is heading home soon to begin work on his next D+Q book, The Hospital Suite due out next year.

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