The Klondike

Some of my fondest memories as a kid come from attending the Klondike Days festival in Edmonton. It's a 10 festival that is similar to most summer, fair-like events. Except awesome! Because included amongst the many activities and rides is gold digging! The sullen teen attendants would give me a small shovel and sifter and I would spend HOURS searching for (fake?) gold. I never found very much in the small, fabricated pond area, but it was always really exciting when I found a small (fake?) nugget. This experience may have involved jumping and a down with a quick squeal.

This is all to say that The Klondike by Montreal-based Zach Worton has just been released by D+Q. And I'm really excited. Worton depicts the gold rush in the Great White North, making it easy and pleasurable to learn about Canadian history (perhaps taking a cue from Chester Brown's Louis Riel? Or perhaps he, like I, finds himself fascinated by the lore of the gold hunt).

Following are some panel excerpts taken from Worton's flickr:

Panel exerpt 2

Panel exerpt 1

Unused cover 2

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