New! Royal Art Lodge Books!

Somewhere between warm chocolate chip cookies and thunderstorms on my list of Things That Make Me Happy is Canadian talent. Subcategory in that entry of Canadian talent: The Royal Art Lodge, a collaborative group of artists based in Winnipeg that includes artists Michael Dumontier, Marcel Dzama, and Neil Farber. We just received two great new books by these Royal Art Lodgers: first, Behind Every Curtain, a small art book put out for Dzama's recent solo show at the David Zwirner gallery; second, Constructive Abandonment, a collaborative work between Dumontier and Farber published by Drawn & Quarterly. Constructive Abandonment is especially striking. Composed of a series of small paintings of surreal vignettes in the most incredible palette, the book is an ineffable beauty. So it's really best to just show you.

This book really does make me happy. And the Dzama...

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