Pop Montreal's Lil Biz

Lil Biz is Pop Montreal's small business seminar for artists & designers. The spring edition will be held at NOMAD Nation space at 129 Van Horne on Saturday May 28th. The event has a small fee attached to it, $30 plus tax ($34.18), but you get five (5!!) great speakers and a booklet of handouts to take away at the end.
D+Q associate publisher Peggy Burns will be one of the speakers - her presentation topic is PR and Marketing for Independent Artists and Designers.

From the site:
"Burns will go over the fundamentals of promoting your product including drafting a press release, writing copy, selecting promotional images, how and when to contact the press and using the web to is maximum potential."

To attend, RSVP now by sending an email to puces@popmontreal.com with the Subject line: LIL BIZ RSVP.

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