TCAF haul and new small press releases

A boxful of exciting small press comics and self-published treasures has made its way from TCAF to the store!

The fifth and newest Nobrow Magazine will surely live up to the expectations of the many people that have become addicted to this series of lavishly illustrated and fairly priced books. Featured above is my favorite spread of the book by Chie Miyazaki.

We have Spotting Deer, a new Michael Deforge book from Koyama Press that documents the biology and behavioral patters of the elusive Spotting Deer. Winner of the Pigskin Peters Award at the 2011 Doug Wright Awards!

Michael also illustrated the cover of Root Rot, an art book he helped put together with Anne Koyama from Koyama Press. Here is Hellen Jo's contribution to this forest themed anthology.

Koyama also put out these 3 awesome comic-sized publications by Chris Eliopoulos, Steve Wolfhard (5 thumbs up for Cat Rackham, the best mascot-y character of the year) and our friend Keith Jones, who did a sweet coloring book.

The Chester Brown-approved Streakers (Nick Maandag) follows a club of average joes who fight dullness one instance of nude freedom at a time.

We have a new zine by Patrick Kyle!

... and a new one by Mickey Zacchilli too, who is also featured in Koyama's Root Rot by the way.
This one is called R.A.V 4 and it follows R.A.V 2+3 which we also carry here.

And finally, Koyama goes even more 'gift that keeps giving' on us with the latest collection of Dustin Harbin’s daily strips and Wowee Zonk 3, the third great comics and art anthology from Toronto’s Wowee Zonk collective. This issue features Chris Kuzma, Ginette Lapalme, Patrick Kyle, Zach Worton, Michael DeForge, and Selena Wong just to mention a few...

A lot of these items have a limited print run - and for some it's hard to predict when we'll get more (if at all), so get them while they're here y'alls!

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