Anders Nilsen Goodies

To help you get through the wait for the release of the LIMITED SIGNED AND NUMBERED HARDCOVER EDITION OF BIG QUESTIONS, Anders Nilsen has sent us a boxfull of goodies!

First, we have The Game, the fully painted 'angels with machine guns' strip Anders did for the giant-sized Kramer's Ergot #7 in 2008. The strip in Kramer's was 3 pages. This poster/mini includes the previously unpublished fourth page! Each poster comes with an exciting Big Questions trading card too.

Anders also sent us more copies of his Monologuist Paper Update - a mini-comic done partially on found paper that comes with a bunch of postcards and a sticker. The mini includes a bunch of the very earliest sketchbook strips he did that eventually evolved into The Monologuist. We had these in stock a while ago, and we unsurprisingly sold out pretty fast, so get on it fast if you're interested!

I'm taking the one that comes with the Beyoncé sticker if no one buys it within the next 48 hours - you have been warned.

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