Coming in at 1.2 pounds...

What's this? Another giant novel from McSweeney's? Following in the style of Adam Levin's The Instructions of 2010, John Sayles's A Moment in the Sun, the newest fiction release from McSweeney's Books, is about the shape, size and quarter-weight of a brick (nearly sprained my wrist as I attempted to photograph it). Like The Instructions, A Moment in the Sun promises, story-wise, to be as epic as its proportions. Sayles's novel is set in America at the turn of the twentieth century and tries to take "the whole era in its sights," including the country's relations with Cuba and the Philippines. Though its size may be intimidating, A Moment in the Sun is said to be extremely readable and thoughtful. In fact, its size may make it the perfect summer read: immerse yourself in history, impress those around you, and tone your arms, all at the same time!

John Sayles is the author of several books but he's better known for his work as a filmmaker (Brother From Another Planet, Matewan, Lone Star, Men with Guns, Eight Men Out, Sunshine State...).

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