Oh boy. June is turning to be preeetty awesome this year.
The weather has been wonderfully warm and toasty here in Montreal, making people in the city wonderfully warm and genial. Canada is THIS CLOSE to winning the Stanley Cup (I am motioning my index finger and thumb together with only a teeny tiny space in between).

And now!
Drawn and Quarterly is holding a summer sale!

30% off all D+Q titles until the end of June, folks. That means you will feel 30% giddier after you've bought your new favourite book. That your smile will be 30% wider. That you will float 30% off the ground. That people will like you 30% more. And also that your parents will tell you 30% more how much they approve of your life choices.
...I'm pretty sure how it works.

Examples of the plethora of books that you could save on:

Daniel Clowes!

Julie Doucet!

Lynda Barry!

Chris Ware!

Adrian Tomine!

And for the kids: Moomin!

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