Draw In

Julia Rothman, of the fantastic Book By Its Cover blog and The Exquisite Book, has come out with a new book!

I'll pause so you can do a quick happy dance.

Drawn In, inspired by posts she started doing on her blog (some super favourites), takes a look at the sketchbooks of fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers, and cartoonists (including her own sketchbook, which is a pleasant bonus).

The uniqueness and experimenting involved in the sketchbook is fascinating. It's fun to see how the work of so many different artists starts and develops.
Also, there are some contributions by D+Qers! The foreword was written by Vanessa Davis and we get to see Anders Nilsen's sketchbook (I hope you guys ready for the brick Big Questions).

Vanessa Davis

Julia Rothman

Anders Nilsen

Alex Lukas

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