For tiny animal lovers

Attention little peanuts! We have got some excellent new books in the store for you! Books about about animals in the forest, about stuffed chimps named Jubilee, and about cars and steamrollers powered by animals.

We have TWO new books on Jane Goodall, both illustrating her as a curious young child, and her journey to becoming the influential ethologist she is today.

The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps by Jeanette Winter.
The story is really sweet and inspiring, making me want to crawl into a chicken coop to watch eggs being laid and to let my new bbff (best bird friend forever) make a warm nest in my bookcase.

I especially like this double page illustration of Jane looking out onto the forest of Gombe, Tanzania.

Can you spot the chimps peaking out? (Yes, this photo is awful. Which makes this chimp-based Where's Waldo all the more difficult. But trust me. Little chimps are peaking out, and they are adorable!)

Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell.

This book includes some photos of Jane, including this charming one of Jane and her beloved stuffed chimp Jubilee.

Also in store is THAT'S HOW! by Christoph Niemann, the Berlin-based illustrator who runs the super-silly-wonderful blog on the New York Times website, Abstract Sunday.

Niemann illustrates how trucks, and boats, and trains, and airplanes ACTUALLY work: animals! duh...

Who knew that big scary steamrollers were run by parrots and ticklish brown bears.

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