New Art Books

We've recently received two new art books that are beyond exciting - let me tell y'all about them:

The first one is this new abridged edition of Self Life Death, a book which covers 40 years of work by Nobuyoshi Araki. Arguably Japan's greatest living photographer, Araki consistently challenges artistic and social conventions in postwar Japan. His writings, widely admired and published in Japan, which were translated into English for the first time for Self Life Death, are also included. You'll find all of his most iconic images in this very comprehensive book that makes a point of showing every facet of his huge body of work.

Enjoy a quick SFW sample of the book below. Just so we're clear, this means I'm not going to show you any of the close-ups on genitals or the gorgeous rope-bondage stuff in this blog post. Come to the store for that?

The second new art book I'm stoked about is called Ruby: Otherworldliness. Edited by Buenos Aires-based curator, editor, and artist Irana Douer, this book presents 65 artists, illustrators, photographers, and designers from around the world who depict or conjure up surreal otherworldliness.

Below are two spreads taken from the book: the first one is by store-favorite Shary Boyle and the second one is by Montreal-based artist Jean-Phillippe Harvey.

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