Old snapshots

Nice collections from two iconic photographers: William Eggleston and Fred Herzog.

If you haven' t seen German-born Vancouverite Herzog's photography before, prepare yourself for something special. In these times, when it seems everyone in the world is a photographer and we've seen our neighbourhood on every blog ever, it's nice to see some stuff from back when no one assumed they were gonna be photographed every time they headed out to the dep.

Relatively recent history sure, but speaking as somebody who's spent some time in VanCity, I can tell you - nothing there looks like this anymore. Seriously beautiful, lost times. Added bonus: no hockey looter shots!

Inadvertently perhaps, most people know William Eggleston from his work that has appeared on the album covers of Big Star, Primal Scream, Silver Jews, Spoon ,and Joanna Newsom to name (more than) a few, and certainly he's enjoyed a resurgence of popularity lately, but this collection of his lesser-known black & white work is a real eye-opener!

Stripped of the colour his best-known work boasts, it's amazing to get to see the monochromatic side of the man whose work sits in the homes of discerning music-lovers everywhere.

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