Just a quick note to let you know that we've received another bunch of the incredibly popular Apartamento magazine. Yeah sure, we were able to get more of the spring/summer issue (#7), but we're also pleased to announce that we were able to twist arms all the way o'er in Barcelona and get some back issues. #'s 4, 5, and 6 to be specific.

July 1st is only a few weeks away and -as all Montréalers know -it's that insane day when everybody who wasn't able to pull it off earlier or at a later date, moves outta their current dump they're sharing with a couple of dirtbag ne'er-do-wells and into their new sweet digs! Leave the junk with the losers, get up early, hop on your bike and start rummaging the summer garage sales - make your new place your best yet. And let Apartamento help keep you inspired!

"An Everyday Life Interiors Magazine" it says, but anything that features articles on or contributions from people like Miranda July, Carl Johan De Jeer, Bruce Benderson, Aldo & Marirosa Ballo, Sonic Youth, Phillip Crangi, Midori Araki, and Adan Jodorowsky is more than just "everyday". Recipes, art, cool photos and gorgeously messy apartments abound in Apartamento! Leave the unpacking for later and drain a bottle of wine while reading these on your fire escape. Here's to your perfect summer!

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