Sure to fuel your fantasy life

Today on my way to work I crossed paths with a LARPer rushing to his rightful Sunday afternoon place on the side on the mountain. Dedicated to the game, this one looked kinda like a less rugged version of this guy (minus the horse):

Which reminded me, we've got the A Song of Ice and Fire series of books in store!

Yeah, we're up on the nerdy cultural zeitgeist. For those of you who aren't, A Song of Ice and Fire is a series of medieval epic fantasy novels recently adapted into a well-received HBO TV show called Game of Thrones (title borrowed from the first book in the series). So far four of the projected seven books in the series have been published. The fifth is due out this July. Now seems like the perfect zeit to join this fantasy world.

Shown above: Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who plays Jamie Lannister on the Game of Thrones TV series. And below: Our selection of Song of Ice and Fire books, including a box set of the first four books.

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