Welcome to the Neighbourhood!

It appears we have a new arrival on Bernard Street! Welcome, Spice Station! Spice Station is more or less exactly what you would imagine (hope?): an emporium of fresh, carefully-sourced spices, peppers, salts, and teas. They've got two locations in California and the Montreal location opened earlier this month. For the food-obsessed (which includes yrs truly), this is very very very exciting news!

I stopped by to scope out the spice situation and chat with the friendly, informative owners, Patrick and Peter. They were effusive, and gave me a tour of the spices on offer, repeatedly noting that they have tons more spices coming in all the time. I was very excited to learn about their homemade spice blends and the fact that they grind spices as needed, guaranteeing a freshness rarely seen in supermarket spices. Finally, the Spice Station crew go above and beyond the call of spices, sharing their gourmand enthusiasms through recipes, advice and (soon!) workshops and food events of all different kinds. Keep your eyes and ears and noses peeled, folks!
Patrick refusing to pose for my paparazzi demands
I'd also like to welcome Heidi Swanson's Super Natural Every Day to the neighbourhood.

If you don't know Heidi by now, well let's just say you should.  Carrot almond asparagus salad a.k.a. one of my favourite early summer salads? A whole wheat chocolate chip cookie that you cook in a cast iron skillet so it becomes a GIANT GOOEY mess of still somehow healthy-seeming deliciousness? Coconut red lentil soup so warm and comforting you don't even need hot chocolate anymore?  And that's just the stuff I thought of in two minutes of hungry consideration!

I'll leave you with her musings on the importance of spices in her kitchen:

Oh and I almost forgot that I have one last note about foodie reads: McSweeney's Lucky Peach arrives in a matter of days. 

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