Forgotten Fantasy - now available!

Earlier this month, Dan Nadel posted this raving and inspiring review of Sunday Press' Forgotten Fantasy on The Comics Journal. Forgotten Fantasy is an oversized (or original-sized rather) anthology of fantasy comics printed in color in American newspapers from 1900 to 1915.

It's a really big book:

Presented here in the original size and colors are the complete comics of Lyonel Feininger (The Kin-der-Kids and Wee Willie Winkie’s World), along with the complete adventures of: The Explorigator by Henry Grant Dart, Nibsy the Newsboy by George McManus and Naughty Pete by Charles Forbell, plus full-color Dream of the Rarebit Fiend Sundays by Winsor McCay and dozens more fantastical Sundays from John Gruelle, Gustave Verbeek, Herbert Crowley, John R. Neill and others.

Unfortunately, it seems like the copies we just got will stay sealed, to protect them from my agitated and greasy hands. If the list of featured artists and Dan's kind words ('magisterial', 'tremendously compelling', 'revelation', 'visionary', etc) don't give you enough of a sense of how magical this book is, maybe these 4 little previews will do the trick? (You'll find more here)

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