Less than a week to Trampoline Hall

Yes that's right, it's time for my weekly reminder. Did I mention last time that tickets are limited? We will not be selling any more tickets than there are chairs, so you might want to hurry!  Tickets available at Casa Del Popolo and the Librairie. Facebook event here.

Once more, the event is a Trampoline Hall lecture series, with three people lecturing on subjects outside their area of expertise. Each lecture will be followed by a Q+A session. Misha and Sheila will also be reading from their book and answering questions, and the whole thing will be followed by a book signing session.

A few more reviews about The Chairs Are Where the People Go to get you excited:

"the book straddles the line between advice column, self-help manual, motivational speech, urban study, political screed, philosophical treatise, literary experiment and instruction guide to life."

The LA Times sez:
"The result is this glorious collection of essays, all in Glouberman's words, shaped by Heti. They are about living in the city, making friends in the city, compromising in the city, and having fun just about anywhere ... How to arrange chairs at a reading in ways that involve your audience, how to organize a neighborhood to petition toget a noisy bar to quiet down in the wee hours, how to play charades, how to appreciate the beauty of miscommunication; these are just a few of the pieces of truly practical information contained in these pages."

Seriously, people, don't miss it! And don't forget to come by on Sunday for your bi-monthly D+Q cookies and juice!

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