New books. New joys. New words. New stories. New good times.

New comic!

Life with Mr. Dangerous
by Paul Hornschemeier tells the story of a lost-twentysomething who is obsessed with a cartoon called Mr. Dangerous. It has a definite Dan Clowesian feel, but is told from the female perspective. Amy is bummed-out, trying to get a grasp on life, and talks to her cat. A lot.

New Art-y book!

Vignettes of Ystov by William Goldsmith introduces you to the fictional city of Ystov, illustrating a series of short stories. The colours change with each story, and there is a softness, and warmness and just plain awesomeness embedded into every inch of this book.

New kids book!

Bob Staake's Look! A Book! takes on a new way of doing the seek-and-find kind of book. Think Where's Waldo but instead you're looking for things like a vampire's cape, and a piece of toast, and swirled ice cream. The book is full of fun, and whimsy, and deeeelight.

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