Tank Tankuro: Pre-War Strips 1934-1935

While it's true that the impact Osamu 'God of Manga' Tezuka has had on manga is immeasurable - and god knows i love him for it (get it? GOD knows... ungh nevermind), it's important to know and appreciate the wonderful work that came before and influenced him.

This is why I'm so excited about this new book:

One of the first robot to appear in manga, Gajo Sakamoto's Tank Tankuro was a popular character from pre-WWII Japan that paved the way for uber-legendary characters such as Atom/Astro Boy and Doraemon. These surreal and truly visually stunning stories got lost in the turmoil of the war for a long time, but here they are now, in my (our) hands, thanks to Press Pop.

And look at the design work done by Chris Ware on the cover and the book case! it takes everything to a whole other beautifully arresting level. I'd say it's pretty much to die for... Just like the inside!!

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