Three awesome books by two awesome lady cartoonists

Somehow—through this humidity and the stress of moving maybe—I have lost of my command of written English. In introducing these three new books by cartoonists C. Frakes and MariNaomi, I will rely heavily on those things worth a thousand words (Orwell would hate that sentence). See, I'm concerned my braindead writing won't do the books justice. Because the books are great. And I really admire both of these young female cartoonists. So I'll let them represent themselves. Enjoy.

C. Frakes (that's Colleen Frakes) was raised by the ocean, is a Virgo, and is really into fashion and costume history (here's a great post from her blog about how she incorporates this interest into her comic work). Her comic Island Brat is an autobio piece about growing up on a prison island.

Tragic Belief, also by C. Frakes, is a wordless "old man at the sea" comic fable. Here's how it opens:

Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume, Ages 0 to 22 is San Francisco based artist and writer MariNaomi's illustrated chronicle of her relationship exploits from age 0 through 22 (at 330 pages, Mari has lots to tell). Key descriptors here: hilarious, thoughtful, familiar.

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