We just sold our 200th copy of Chester Brown's Paying For It!

That's huge! Only a handful of other titles have sold between a 100 and 300 copies here at the bookstore (No One Belongs Here, Wilson, What It Is, Exit Wounds, A Drifting Life, Paul à Québec, Crumb's Genesis and Hipless Boy if you must know) but that's over one to three years, NOT 2 MONTHS AND A HALF! Do you understand why I threw photoshop-confettis all over the place now?

If you haven't picked up your copy of Paying For It yet, do so now before you miss out on more heated conversations about THE MOST TALKED ABOUT GRAPHIC NOVEL OF 2011.

ps: in case you still didn't know - performance artist and activist Annie Sprinkle reviewed it for the NY Times you guys

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