Art Spiegelman Event


Next month (Saturday September 24th, 4pm), you may have heard, Art Spiegelman is coming to town. Yes. THAT Art Spiegelman. The one who wrote Maus and also the one who founded RAW magazine. We are hosting the lecture in collaboration with the SBC Gallery and POP Montreal. It is a lecture called "What the %&*! Happened to Comics?" and also a launch for Metamaus, which is a companion to The Complete Maus. In it Spiegelman divulges why he chose mice, cats, dogs and pigs and how he got his father to open up about his Holocaust experience.

Although not a graphic novel, the book contains illustrations, photos and other images and will include a DVD of the transcripts of Spiegelman’s interviews with his father. The author will speak about his new book during the lecture.
And YOU, dear blog reader, can buy tickets NOW. Online! From the comfort of your mouse-clickin' seat.

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